*Session begins in 2nd week of January

Welcome to LGS Township O'Level Programme

Those who are academically committed shall have the right to access the best affordable higher education without compromising on quality, credibility or academic standards. Driven by the vision to offer "unlimited access to education" to learners around the country LGS lays emphasis on becoming a model institution. Personal attention is a hallmark. Our administration and faculty is the most responsive, attentive and service-oriented in the education arena.

Important Information

The following section provides information for those who are thinking about joining our vibrant community of learning.
All students are required to study a total of nine subjects, including five compulsory subjects.
Students will be required to appear in two compulsory subjects, ie Urdu and Islamiat in May/June :

  • Students will be required to appear in a minimum of 6 subjects in grade XI
  • Any student, who appears privately, prior to the exam of his/her session will not be exempted from studying the above subjects.
  • Parents are advised to guide their children carefully in the selection of their preferred subjects, keeping in view their future career and objectives.
  • Guidance can be sought from school regarding anything that needs clarification.
  • Students are not permitted to appear for any other Cambridge exam in grade 9.

Admission as a regular candidate:

  • A student must maintain 90% attendance till the end of the year.
  • If a student’s attendance is short, the school is authorized not to send the child’s admission for Cambridge International Examination(as a Regular Candidate).

Monthly Tests/Mock Examination:

  • Students must take the Monthly test/Mock Examination seriously and maintain a minimum of 50% passing percentage in all the subjects.
  • No retest/re-exam will be taken at this level.

The subjects offered by us are enumerated in the "Choice Form" below.

  • Compulsory Subjects
    • English
    • Urdu A/B
    • Mathematics
    • Islamiyat
    • Pakistan Studies
  • Pre-Medical/Pre-Engineering
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Biology

    Students who wish to pursue a career in medical or engineering will have to take Biology together with Physics and Chemistry according to the notification from IBCC.

  • Business Group
    • Accounting
    • Economics
    • Business Studies

    Students interested in Business Administration, Banking and Finance or wish to go to institutions like LUMS, LSE can select group B.
    Careers that can be taken up include banking, marketing, business administration etc.

  • 9th Subject
    • Additional Mathematics:Will serve our students well in the future studies. It builds a base for A'levels maths, TOEFL, SAT and G.Mat examinations.

    • Computer Sciences:O'level Computer Science is an ideal foundation for further study at A'Level, and the skills learnt can also be used in other areas of study and everyday life.
  • Additional Subjects
    • Offered in Grade IX-O
      • Art & Design
      • Global Perspective
      • English Literature
    • Offered in Grade X-O
      • Commerce
      • Statistics
      • Environmental Management