Policy Summary

  • LGS is fully committed to establishing and maintaining a working and learning environment that is free from harassment and bullying of any kind and where all persons are treated with courtesy, dignity and respect.
  • Harassment and bullying are unlawful and will not be tolerated by LGS under any circumstances. Any member of the LGS community found to be engaging in such behavior will be subject to appropriate penalties.
  • LGS recognizes that anyone can be a victim of harassment and bullying, regardless of their sex and of the sex of the harasser/bully.
  • LGS absolutely prohibits romantic or sexual relationships between members of the school community in a supervisory position with a student and strongly discourages such relationships between employees.

Who it applies to ?

The School Community : persons engaged with LGS in various capacities including, but not limited to students, faculty (visiting/permanent), parents, administrators, coaches, guests, staff members such as laboratory staff, accounts and HR staff, janitorial staff, guards and others employed or enrolled by LGS on a permanent.

Where it applies ?

  • All on-campus behavior, which includes the use of electronic and social media on-campus as well as behavior on school owned or rented property such as buses or vans.
  • Off-campus behavior taking place in the context of an academic purpose.
  • Behavior which falls outside the aforementioned contexts but which has an impact within the school

Which incidents it applies to ?

It prohibits all incidents of harassment and bullying of the school community whether it takes place within school premises or outside, including at school events (reunions, bonfires etc.), field trips, training sessions or conferences organized by LGS.

Who can report ?

  • the complainant directly or,
  • a friend or family member of the complainant or ,
  • a witness to the incident or,
  • an employee of LGS.

Where to report ?

A 3-member Inquiry Committee set up by the school to specifically to deal with complaints of harassment and bullying. A report can be made to the Committee in any of the following ways:

  • in person (oral complaint) or,
  • in writing via the official email address or complaint box.

How to report ?

The complainant is encouraged to provide the following details when reporting:

  • Who the complaint is against
  • Facts/description of the incident, to the best of complainant’s knowledge
  • Number of occurrences, with dates and places, to the best of complainant’s knowledge
  • Any documents or other materials which are related to the incident, if possible
  • Names of any witnesses if witnesses are willing to come forth, or provide anonymous testimonies
  • Contact information

whether on its premises or on the capacity or performance of its students, faculty or staff.

Penalties If Found Guilty of Harassment or Bullying

  • Dismissal/Expulsion
  • Suspension
  • Reduction or deduction of salary (employee)
  • Tendering a written and/or oral apology, to the Complainant privately or before the student body as a whole, as considered appropriate in the case and also taking into account the request of the Complainant
  • Legal action/remedy

Falsifying a complaint with an intention to malign, actively assisting the bully/harasser, lying or deliberately misleading during investigation and failure to report an offence under this law by the staff are strictly prohibited and punishable under the school policy.

Who will Monitor the Implementation of the Policy?

LGS will establish a permanent Review Panel by the 30th of September 2020, to oversee the implementation of the present Policy, the selection of the members of the Inquiry Committee, for internal review of decisions of the Committee and for any other related matters.The panel shall comprise of 12 individuals including individuals from LGS (a mix of senior management and faculty members), parent/s of students, student members, and individuals from outside LGS (lawyers, activists, trained specialists).